Western Mountain has a staff of competent management and labor to support projects and plant
maintenance for industrial and utility power production. Services include experience with boiler,
turbine and environmental equipment maintenance and installation projects. This experience and
expertise ranges across coal, oil and gas fired units to include many plant auxiliary systems.

boiler main

Boiler Maintenance

Boiler Outage management and repairs per skilled labor force (R Stamp)

Boiler Headers with Pendants, Lower Slope and Water wall Panels

Fly Ash / Bottom Ash Systems, Natural Gas & Coal Burners and Mill Maintenance

Field installation with utilization all disciplines

Pipeline construction done right the first time. Pipeline construction done right the first time

Turbine – Generator Maintenance

Turbine Deck Outage management with Technical direction via field engineers and skilled labor force

HP, IP or LP Rotor Bucket / Blade Replacement and Diaphragms

HP & IP Uprate Projects and LP Rotor Repair (Long Shank, Fine Line Weld or Pressure Plate)

Stator and Field Rewinds

We utilized experienced craft working with a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers


Balance of Plant Work

Capital Project Execution with Maintenance and Outage capabilities

Auxiliary equipment for rotating equipment (Pumps, Fans, Compressors, etc)

Piping systems (Steam, Gas, Oil, Lube, Fire, etc) inclusive of valving

Field installation with utilization all disciplines

Project completed EPC, Procure & Replace or System Replacement per customer specification