Western Mountain provide directional drilling with the traditional HDD for pipe up to 60” with
personnel trained and experience in all aspects related to this process to adress a variety of soil and
environmental conditions. Directional boring is also offered up to 42” to secure an environmental
friendly method avoiding use of bentonite and chemical additives that are required for HDD process.
Our skilled engineers and personal ensure a process that provides solution for the most difficult

Directional Drilling

Boiler Outage management and repairs per skilled labor force (R Stamp)

Equipment and skilled personnel are offered to complete traditional HDD services

Capabilities to provide HDD up to 64-inch casings utilizing high speed high-torque rotary gear box machines

Compatible with walk over or wire ready locating systems

Portfolio of machines may use all types and lengths of drill pipe with robust mud circuit


Auger Boring

Environmentally favorable method of installing casings up to 48-inch with no use of bentonite

Auger boring machines utilize only water and air to assist auger boring

Auger Machines also utilize a guided bore method with pilot tube steering

High torque and high-speed boring combined with jacking cylinders provide flexibility for all types of casings

Our auger boring team is accompanied with Engineering support to ensure proper application of the most demanding projects